donderdag 18 juni 2009

a round-up of today's videos and photos

I have to work sometimes, that's why I didn't provide more updates - but here are a lot of today's videos and photos todays events in Iran. Download and save them - bear witness - then spread them - don't let people get away with violence.


A Massive Mourning rally in Teheran
they're singing an unnoficial national anthem.

An entire youtube channel dedicated to videos from Iran

The Neave is collecting videos of violence and abuse. Download - bear witness

Demonstrations in Shiraz

Mousavi in Teheran

Incredible numbers of people, incredibly silent protest in Teheran

Fire and protest in the streets of Shiraz


A lot of pictures from BBC Persia

Picture report from the Guardian

From Mousavi1388 photostream

Riots in teheran-stream - some peaceful but some violent.

Photos from Iran, rigged election

Karoubi amongst the protesters

Who killed this young man?

Silent demonstration

NYT slideshow

Silent protest in teheran

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